September 16, 2017


These last few weeks/days have been very busy.

So I am very sorry for being on such short notice but if you are living in the area of Switzerland, Austria or Liechtenstein, here’s your last chance for a while to see me live and in action:

“Fägfüür” (Savage in limbo) von John Patrick Shanley


11.9 Premiere Schlösslekeller Vaduz (FL) 20:00
13.9 Schlösslekeller Vaduz (FL) 20:00
14.9 Schlösslekeller Vaduz (FL) 20:00
15.9 Schlösslekeller Vaduz (FL) 20:00
17.9 Matineevorstellung Schlösslekeller Vaduz (FL) 10:30
19.9 Keller62 Zürich (CH) 20:00
20.9 Keller62 Zürich (CH) 20:00
21.9 Spielboden Dornbirn (AT) 20:00
22.9 Spielboden Dornbirn (AT) 20:00
23.9 evtl. Zusatzvorstellung SK (FL)
24.9 evtl. Zusatzmatinee SK (FL)

More information: www.schoesslekeller.li

Looking forward to meeting you!